Be Different

Have you ever wondered why you’ve spent most of your life aiming toward goals, and you still have not achieved them?  Maybe, you’ve accomplished most of them, but you still hit a plateau on others?

Sometimes, it’s not until we are older that we really discover what our passions are, but on the inside there’s fear and the wondering of what will others think or say if you followed your heart?  Who are the “other’s” in your life that you’ve been holding back being the real you?

Did you know that it’s God who gives us visions and desires so that we can fulfill His will for our lives?  So, year after year, and time after time, you were holding back due to the concern of others.  Perhaps, you’ve passed up the opportunity of fulfilling your destiny, and now you’ve taken a detoured route instead of a straight line direction.

I invite you to do something different in 2017 that will get you closer to the unique individual you desire to be.  What will it take?  Imagine it being an elephant?  You know you can’t handle such a large task at one time, so focus on increments. Take one small step at a time.

Become Strategic

Start by writing out your dreams. Then, take it a step further.  Describe each step required to make it a reality.  These are known as strategic goal planning steps.  Don’t just write things down, but really seek what’s in your heart.  Dream big! Dream bold!   Even, if it’s so big and you can’t imagine how it will happen.  Your visions are waiting to become recognized by you.   In order for you to manifest your desires, you must acknowledge them.

This is a way of saying to the universe “I believe I can have what I see!”  It’s not necessary for you to know the how right now.  What’s required is acknowledgement.  When, you write your vision down, your choosing your path and not someone else’s.

Being different often requires one to go against the grain, and the flow of the things everyone else is doing.  Being on a separate path, isn’t always a fun journey, it but has great pay-outs or rewards.  It takes courage, tenacity, and strong will to stand up for how you feel regardless of what others are saying.  Being different means creating your own song, your own tune, and perhaps only music you can hear.

I know life has its challenges, but if it were easy to manifest the secret treasures of your heart, everyone would accomplish it.  Every great thing was built by vision, faith, and action.  It’s God’s pleasure for us to live out the desires He’s placed in our hearts.  When we accept his promises, He’s able to work through us and accomplish His will here on earth simply because we were willing to believe.

However, if you never go after your desires, you’ll never know what it’s like achieving them!  Be different and live your best life now!  It’s never too late.  It’s between you and the creator as to how it will come to fruition.  All you have to do is believe in yourself.  Remember, nothing is impossible!  You may need someone to hold you accountable, such as a coach or accountability partner?  Both are ways to re-enforce your efforts.  There’s one thing for sure, you don’t have to go it alone.  Just ensure you’re in motion in the direction of achieving your goals.  Don’t let another year go by, where you’re not acknowledging the opportunity of your uniqueness to develop!  It’s time for you to Stand up and be different!  Find ways to spend time making sure this is the year you’re reconnected to listening with your spirit, and let it guide you to action.

Sistah Soldier is a Certified Transformation Coach, Visionary Producer/Host of SHE VET iNSPIRES and CEO of SHE VET Inc. Media Production Company.  She enjoys helping others deplete barriers that attempt to stunt their development and prosperity.  She’s the author of “The Art In Me; Unleash Your Uniqueness Through the Power of Creativity”, “The Spirit Warriors Mindset; A Life Mastery Series” and a woman Veteran who dedicates her life to eradicating unemployment, and creating diversity in the working world.  She strategically teaches others how to become masterfully indispensable in their career using their spiritual gifts to build divine relationships, and generate success.