Wanda “Sistah Soldier” Petty, a former military member turned creative mentor, has significantly empowered women veterans and creative professionals through her organization, SHE VET™ Creative Network.  Moreover, in addition to hosting the SHE VET™ iNSPIRES television show, she’s the creator of SHE VET™ Magazine, SHE WORKS Digital, where she assists businesses in scaling with innovative project managers.  Her transformation from facing a tough military career interrupted by injury to becoming a source of inspiration and creativity illustrates her resilience and dedication, especially in media and television. Her impactful work and the positive changes she has brought to the veteran community earned her the distinguished Bellringer Award and the Center for Women Veterans 2023 Trailblazer. These accolades recognize her pioneering advocacy for women veterans, providing them a platform to heal, grow, and express themselves through arts and media.

An integral part of her mission is the “Unofficial Project Management Program,” designed to assist veterans in managing career transitions effectively. This program blends project management principles with creative expression, aiding veterans in navigating their career paths, self-discovery, and healing processes. Sistah’s efforts extend beyond artistic outlets; they create spaces for emotional and spiritual growth. By weaving her personal experiences and challenges into her work, she has built a resonant support network that aligns with the struggles and hopes of women veterans. Her narrative is more than a list of personal achievements—it’s about her influence in fostering a supportive environment where veterans and creative professionals can thrive and transform their life stories. Through her groundbreaking work, Sistah continues to inspire, motivate, and lead with compassion and creativity.


Bridge your military skills and your professional life work experience into project management expertise