The Challenge for Women Vets who Transition into Civilian Life

Women veterans can often experience a cultural shock when they transition from military to civilian life. It can be a long transition process with disappointments and notable frustrations. This frustration can flow over into their personal and professional lives. Consider the following challenges that women vets face:

  • Stereotypes – Transitioning women vets face the false assumption that true veterans are men. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have dramatically changed the ration of female to male veterans. As a result, women are often forgotten in the equation, and this can easily lead to a workplace and social challenges.
  • There is also a perceived tilt in how women veterans are treated within the VA medical system. Female vets comprise almost 1 of every 10 veterans. While there may not be an intentional difference in how women vets are treated, the possibility remains due to sheer numerical differences.
  • There is also the image planted in millions of minds that a female soldier is not a real soldier. The typical image of a soldier is a man. People are inundated with skewed visions of Hollywood war heroes that are typically men. The assumption is that women soldiers serve auxiliary roles and work at trivial tasks. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Finally, many transition programs were set up decades ago and are geared towards men. At that time, there were far fewer female veterans. The good news is that these things are being scrutinized, and will likely change over time.

SHE VET Inspires, SEASON II, will continue to examine the issues that female veterans face.  First airdate May 17, Houston, Texas. Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, Georgia. The show addresses women of military communities who struggle with leaving their job or transitioning to new careers. There are also millions of women who desire to start a business and have no idea of where to begin. The program is highly informative and will feature individuals who are in the business of bringing about lasting change.


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