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Emerick Peace | Fuel Your Passion with Your Purpose| S2 E2
Sistah Soldier | Up Close and Personal | S2 E1
Barbara Ash |Discover how to do business with the Government through Federal Contracting | S1 E6
Victoria Buggs | Create a Plan Prior to Exiting the Military and Implement |S1  E5
Carolyn Owens | How To Transition From The Military As A Career Coach| S1 E4
Laurie Sayles Artist & Lisa Wolford | Importance Of Mentorship During Transition| S1 E3
Jennifer Foxworthy | Overcome Unexpected Challenges With Daily Practices | S1 E2
Tonya Overton | Start New Practices And Complete The Past | S1 E1

FEATURED  (BIO’s of Guest)  (Coming Soon)

(SHE VET Inspires Show)

As a benefit to our viewers, our shows will address real problems with real solutions that women face in the workplace and in life. We’ll also keep our viewers up on the latest development in workplace trends—discussions on equal pay, fair media representation, all in the workplace, inspiration, and much more.

We think that knowledge is power, and staying well-informed can keep women at the top of their game. Having knowledge is widely recognized as providing a base for improving one’s influence and reputation in life. Achievement is often derived from having, applying, and sharing knowledge.

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