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LaShawne Holland | Navigate Your Financial Future | S4 | E1 | PT1 |
Regina Robinson | The Purging of the New You | S2 | E7 |
Eric “E” Cornell | Discover Your Aesthetic Blueprint S2 | E6 |
Belinda “Bfit” Johnson | Fitness for Life, Body Soul & Spirit  S2 | E5 |
Cherissa Jackson | Transforming Pieces to Peace S2 | E4 |
Henry Jenkins | The Benefits of Chiropractic Services |
S2 E3
Emerick Peace | Fuel Your Passion with Your Purpose| S2 E2
Sistah Soldier | Up Close and Personal | S2 E1
Barbara Ash |Discover how to do business with the Government through Federal Contracting | S1 E6
Victoria Buggs | Create a Plan Prior to Exiting the Military and Implement |S1  E5
Carolyn Owens | How To Transition From The Military As A Career Coach| S1 E4
Laurie Sayles Artist & Lisa Wolford | Importance Of Mentorship During Transition| S1 E3
Jennifer Foxworthy | Overcome Unexpected Challenges With Daily Practices | S1 E2
Tonya Overton | Start New Practices And Complete The Past | S1 E1
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1101, 2019

Furlough Assistance for Federal Employees

By |January 11th, 2019|Categories: Blog, Employment, Government|Tags: , , , , , , |0 Comments

Furlough Assistance for Federal Employees   For the last several weeks we've seen the second longest government shutdown in our country’s history, and over 80,000 government employees are being affected. Corporate Agencies are now offering assistance