The Pursuit of Fitness and Beyond


The process of being fit is not something that happens overnight and “preparation time, is never wasted time” Says Belinda “Bfit” Johnson who’s now preparing for the Olympics. Being fit and beyond is something that requires focus and intention. Our guest for August shares how she overcame unwanted emotions, unhealthy eating habits, and unhealthy relationships by realizing life is worth living in so many aspects. Belinda Johnson felt so passionate about her decision to live a healthier lifestyle; she began encouraging her entire family then the lives of communities. She now impacts people all over the world with the gospel of fitness.

Every day she’s working toward her goal of living well physically, spiritually, and mentally. Johnson has become a national icon of health. She’s an author, a fitness coach, and bodybuilder. She shares how reality and the importance of living a life fulfilled became real when one of her family members needed a transplant donation. Although several of her family members weren’t a match and were willing to assist, their kidneys weren’t healthy enough to contribute.

Being fit became a game changer for her. Her mindset shifted, and she began setting for higher heights. Watch as she explains the steps for building a wellness plan for life, the importance of being fit beyond the physical appearance, creating meal plans, and having healthy supportive relationships.